If you want to take part in our project and replenish the collection with original covers – write to us below via the Contact Us form Moderation rules:
  • Your covers may be rejected without giving a reason
  • For your covers, instructions for improvements for the final version can be given
  • Your covers can be finalized by us personally and immediately uploaded

While working on any covers or entire collections of covers, you should pay attention to:
  1. The original cover of the game (there can be several original covers, you need to take the most popular one)
  2. The same position of the logo (if any) in all the covers of the collections
  3. The position of the game name
  4. The name of the game edition (if any) and make a second version of the cover when the edition is not indicated
  5. The proportions and indents of the logo/name in the covers of the collections. For an example of the implementation of indents and proportions, you should look at our ready-to-go collections
  6. Files must have an original ID to identify them (for example, for the Game Valiant Hearts: The Great War, the cover will be called 260230p.png)
  7. Covers, logos and backgrounds must be saved in PNG format
  8. We only accept ZIP archives
By sending us ready-to-go cover images, you agree to the current Terms of Use of the Site and the Service {alertInfo}