Why are you doing this?
The project is based on altruism and enthusiasm. We want to help those who want to see the library in a good appearance. For example, for bloggers or streamers.

Is it legal to change or edit files?
Yes. Copyright holders and publishers can withdraw files from us at any time, just as they can take them and use them in their games. We do not claim exclusive Rights.

Can I offer my files for the project?
Yes, read the Contribute section and the conditions described there.

What guides you when making covers?
1 We try to make a 600x900 cover from a small cover (if it's one is correct). If it is none or it is incorrect, then we make a PC cover from a well-known edition on the Internet.
2 We make the game titles on the 600x900 covers at the same level, if possible, with sufficient indents.
3 The background should be from art that was released for the game; if there is none, then some well-made screenshot without an interface. It should fit well at 1920 resolution and when reducing the Steam window
4 The logo must correspond to the edition of the game (for example Definitive Edition). It should not overlap characters or other important objects drawn in the background file. If this is a game from a collection, then it is advisable (if possible) to make the logo on the same level as other games

Where to send problems and application bugs?
You can simply leave a comment in the Bug Report section or send it through the Contact Us form on the Landing page

Can I offer suggestions for the application?
Yes, of course, in the Feature Request section you can leave a comment with your idea

If you have other questions feel free post below